Three (3) ways to build relationships in youth sports teams

“Seek opportunities to show you care. The smallest gestures often make the biggest difference.” – John Wooden

Coaching has become an artful expression over the years. I think of a great artist like Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo and Ai Weiwei and Christo Claude in the current era; each of them with unique styles that have an impact on not only the world we live from a macro perspective but the artist industry itself. I view coaching the same way, the impact a coach has on a child can last a lifetime for a child, but also for the coaching industry itself.

Every coaching style has an opportunity to be successful, that success is based around building a foundation formed around relationships. Relationships can take a under-performing team and help them reach new heights or an incredibly talented team and create an atmosphere of negativity. As a coach, relationships are the life line of your team. Master this foundation and the opportunities are endless.

Below are three successful ways to incorporate relationships building tactics into youth sports teams.

  1. One on One time with players – Children benefit greatly from one on one time with the coach. Simple tactics as a quick 5-8 min check-in will help pave the way for a communication. This can come in the form of helping with skill development or just a simple “how are things going outside of the team” goes a long way
  2. Take an interest in classroom performance – Encouraging children to excel in the classroom goes along way with building relationships. Parents will support you on the court. Remember  parents, player and coach work together for success!!
  3. Everyone is a Leader – Giving every child an opportunity to lead is powerful when it comes to building relationships, Selecting a “captain for the day” is a great example to encourage leadership in every player.

Remember to check out The Book  Light Year Dreams: Becoming the Athlete, Building the Leader. Combine these tactics with Chapter 1 : Work Ethic Determines Performance. If there are any further questions regarding best practices in building relationships with players, please contact Christopher Mayshack @ Thank you !

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Light Year Dreams LLC. is a consulting firm committed to encouraging positive youth development outcomes through sports and recreation. Our goals are to work with non-profits, city governments and individual families as we train coaches, mentor youth services associates and educate families on the importance of sport and the positive outcomes associated with sports participation.

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