Resiliency – Teaching your team to stay together even through the tough times

“Education come from within; you get it from struggle, effort and thought” Napoleon Hill

Many of us coaches, players and fans are not enjoying a winning season this year. To be honest, we all hate losing, its not fun, practices are not fun and its an experience that divides us.

Many life lessons are learned on the playing field for many. One of my favorite lessons I enjoy talking about is Resiliency.

Resiliency – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Coaching requires that we constantly inspire each player to learn from experiences, players call it wins and losses, as a coaches we must employ our players to view this as much more than a record…It’s an opportunity to build on each game, each moment and turn it into a teachable moment. IMG-1706

The equation is simple : Resiliency > Wins/Losses

Teaching our kids to recover from difficulties are more important then teaching them only to do things for the purpose of winning. I offer the following ways to encourage resiliency in sports.

  1. Create an environment of positivity – In the locker room, on the wall, in the meeting room find ways to players to visualize success. Images of past workouts in the preseason, images famous player quotes, Post players/team goals for the season. Remind them of the work they put during the preseason, remind them of purpose and inspire them to find that feeling again.
  2. Remind them of the team pillars of success – Remind your players of the foundation of your team. Find core words that epitomize what your program stands for and hold them to the standard. Encourage them to write down their own personal pillars of success along with their goals. Have them present this to the team and ask for an accountability partner to hold them to their own standard.
  3. Stay together even in good wins and terrible losses – Remind your guys of the highs and lows of a season, remind them of staying the course.

Find ways to remind them of greatness!! The first blog of the year was dedicated to building relationships, this one to finding moments to teach resiliency, the next one with incorporate reason.

Look forward to discussing how finding the why makes all the difference.

please visit to find out how to build the next generation of leaders through sports.

Christopher J. Mayshack, M.S.


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Light Year Dreams LLC. is a consulting firm committed to encouraging positive youth development outcomes through sports and recreation. Our goals are to work with non-profits, city governments and individual families as we train coaches, mentor youth services associates and educate families on the importance of sport and the positive outcomes associated with sports participation.

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