From the Classroom to the Boardroom…With a little help from Sports…

“I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you can change enough communities you can change the world” – Erin Gruwell


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It was 9:00am on this past Saturday, and I had some free time to sit back and think to how I got here in the first place. It was a boardroom where I signed on to do consulting work  with FLYE Inc.- a non-profit dedicated to teaching student-athletes about business through sports. This is the type of position I have wanted my entire life. A position where I could make an impact of undeserved children. I sat there quietly as a waited for the meeting to start and I realized ” I’m here because of sports, everything that I have learned, I got it from a specific experience related to sport.”

The court or field is an extension of the classroom

In the beginning, the classroom version of Chris was different from the Chris that people know on the court. I had very little to any teachers that took a personal interest in me, let alone motivated me to excel. That desire came from sport, the ultimate teacher of life. While I realize my experience is different from others I do recognize that everything we are in the classroom is an extension onto the court. How we learn, what questions we ask, are we even vocal; these are things we learn in the classroom that show on the court. So the best thing that happened to me was the opportunity to play sports at a high level. Some of those sessions in the film room help prepare me for the boardroom.

Use your powers for good…

As a coach and former athlete, its important to show the next generation the power of self. Athletes develop so many skill sets through participation in sports. Teamwork, Communication, Leadership are just a few skills sets you develop over time through constant repetition. I encourage parents, grandparents, teachers; push the next generation to get into sports. There are many benefits!!!

Christopher Mayshack



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Light Year Dreams LLC. is a consulting firm committed to encouraging positive youth development outcomes through sports and recreation. Our goals are to work with non-profits, city governments and individual families as we train coaches, mentor youth services associates and educate families on the importance of sport and the positive outcomes associated with sports participation.

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