Youth Sports Funding – What’s next ?

Youth Sports – AR-15’s as tool for Fundraising!

Yesterday, I read an article from espn about a youth sports league in OHIO that uses AR-15 rifles are used as a tool to fundraisers for the East Canton Youth Baseball League.  One element of this story appeals to my business side. I find it interesting that sports organizations in these turbulent times use weapons that cause nothing but harm to others as tool to fund activities for youth. I look at the Florida School Shooting and found myself taken back that the same weapon used to kill 17 people are the ones being sold to fund sports activities. I truly want to get some opinions of people who have read this article as a I seek a better understanding.

Question to parents:

Recognizing the importance of leadership in youth development, what positive coaching practices would you as a parent like to see in Youth Sports Programs?

As a youth sports professional, I value the relationships with community. I would like to get the thoughts of parents, your comments are valued and I look forward to discussing the topic of leadership in youth sports.

Thank you


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Light Year Dreams LLC. is a consulting firm committed to encouraging positive youth development outcomes through sports and recreation. Our goals are to work with non-profits, city governments and individual families as we train coaches, mentor youth services associates and educate families on the importance of sport and the positive outcomes associated with sports participation.

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