Christopher Mayshack is the author of this early classic Light Year Dreams: Becoming the Athlete, Building the Leader. Christopher’s passion for athletics and education inspired him to write about not only his experiences in sport but also the experiences of millions of children who are deeply affected by participating in sport.  In addition to having a strong following within the education world and a deep following in Washington, DC and North Carolina, Christopher has also been a practitioner in the field of sport for the past 7 years. Currently, Christopher is the head coach at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville, Virginia.

Christopher attended North Carolina Central University and Georgia State University, where he received degree in Finance and Sports Administration respectively. He has over 8 years experience across the sports industry in various fields including college athletics, athletic administration, private industry and education. His passion for creating a marriage between sports and education came about through his experiences in graduate school at Georgia State University. Working with college athletes, he realized the importance of educating young athletes for life after sports. Christopher’s books embody the spirit of a true coach; Coaches who leave a lasting imprint on every child who participates in sports.

Christopher currently lives with his wife Nikki and son Carter.

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