March Madness!! ……..Renewed Dreams…..

March is for Dreamers!!

March you say?!?! I know it sounds funny , the word  comes from the Latin word Martius , once known as the first month of the roman calender signifies a renewed active life, new beginnings in the spring. What better way to celebrate march than to watch march madness. If you grew up on Tobacco Road, you were jumping off the school bus running to the house to watch the ACC Tournament!! I personally dreamed of hitting the game winning shot like Randolph Childress did against Jeff McInnis and North Carolina in 1995.Those dreams inspired me to play college basketball. We can all look back to different times in our lives where we were inspired from a dream, or something we saw, maybe a product we bought.

Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” – Aristotle

Light Year Dreams message is to spread the forces of positivity through sports and recreation to the youth. So march is time for us to spread positive energy and encourage our youth to dream and encourage our youth to chase after their dreams. In today’s society, the power of dreams have become antiquated by the power of lies and the absence of truth. So the power of dreams are made real in the presence of truth. The truth is that hard work and character make any dream a reality. So lets inspire our young athletes to dream, if its sports that motivate them, great, but use the power of sports to guide them in the path of truth. Light Year Dreams stands on the foundation of sports as means to promote youth development. My upcoming blogs will talk about a lot of issues around sports and their essential role in the development of the leaders of tomorrow. I hope you guys tune in and join me on this journey to seek out the truth and the positive side of sports for kids.

Light Year Dreams