Labor of Love : Picking up where others left off

“The work done by freemen comes cheaper in the end than that performed by slaves.” Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations In today’s world, freedom is a word we use a lot to describe many of our lives. But how many of us really have the mindset to live out our lives the way we want to?!?!?Continue reading “Labor of Love : Picking up where others left off”

March Madness!! ……..Renewed Dreams…..

March is for Dreamers!! March you say?!?! I know it sounds funny , the word  comes from the Latin word Martius , once known as the first month of the roman calender signifies a renewed active life, new beginnings in the spring. What better way to celebrate march than to watch march madness. If you grewContinue reading “March Madness!! ……..Renewed Dreams…..”